Sunday, June 24, 2012

Featured on Bloggers homepage! ♥

(If you haven't heard of's a website that connects you with more people to get your blog out there and to explore their blogs too. It's great for us blog lovers! Check it out!)

My inbox was full with messages from wonderful people from bloggers congratulating me for being one of the editors picks and featured on the home page of for the day! I was thinking...what? Not me! Then I got a message from them personally saying congratulations too! I was shocked to be honest! It's such a wonderful feeling knowing that someone out there enjoys something you have done. This is definitely an honor for me even if it's not a big deal to some people. Thank you so much for everyone's support and messages! This keeps me motivated to wanting to continue with what I love! Also a big thank you to themselves! You guys rock :)


  1. Congos!
    Hope to see u in my blog Shai:)

  2. well done, thats great